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17 February, 2008

A Family Tree can wither if nobody tends it's roots

I guess that most of us have dusty old boxes filled to the brim with old photos tucked away in a cupboard somewhere or in the top of the wardrobe............I know I have.

Occasionally we take them down, spend an hour or so looking through them, remembering that holiday in Rome or the 21st birthday of a cousin you’ve not seen for years, before putting the box back and forgetting about it again until the next time. Well this is me, Susan Hyde and up until a few years ago that was exactly what I used

to do. But as I've got older, I’m 51 now, I’ve started to think about the faces staring out at me from those old Black and White photos and began to wonder who they were and what their connection was to me.
As it turned out my dad had started tracing the ‘Hyde’ family tree and had already collected a lot of information together.

William (Tom) Hyde

He had been in touch with various family members for any help they could give him remembering names and dates and his cousin Pat had been especially helpful, having supplied him with photos of some long lost relatives as well as important remnants of information to go with them.

Sadly the pictures turned out to be very dark and not clear at all but we made inquiries to find out who the originals belonged to and as luck would have it, it turned out to be another family member who lives not five minutes drive away from me. We made arrangements to visit and he was able to loan as his albums so we could obtain better copies of the photographs. The albums turned out to be a treasure trove of the most wonderful photos of my ancestors, including my great, great grandparents. .........How amazing was that!

So now, with copies of all these wonderful photos now in my possession I decided it was time to combine my love for playing with paper…..I make greetings cards as a hobby……with the family tree that dad had been putting together and have a go at making a Family Tree Scrapbook.

I feel I need to explain here that scrapbooking really isn’t my thing and I don’t find it easy by any means.

I’ve been working on it for almost three years now and still have very few pages to show for my efforts but it’s something that I am committed to doing and I will continue to add pages to it even it takes me forever to finish.

And so to the album:-

I started off with a page explaining why I decided to make the album.

The first page reads:-

When my grandmother Sarah passed away at the ripe old age of 98 in 1998, my father William (know as Tom) became head of the Hyde family.

We soon realised that dad, who was then 75, was probably the only person left that could put names to some of the faces in out rather large collection of old family photos. This became even more apparent when dad began to loose his eyesight due to macular degeneration.

A few years earlier dad had started to put together the Hyde family tree and with the help of a cousin and other members of the family, was able to find a few interesting facts about our ancestors.

I thought it would be a wonderful idea to combine some of dad’s memories and some of the photo’s to make a Heritage Scrapbook that could be passed on through the family as an heirloom.

My story begins way back with my Great, Great Grandparents and traces both my mum and dad’s families up to the present day. The two families have been joined by marriage no less that twice. Mums uncle married dad’s aunt and it was this aunt that played matchmaker and introduced mum and dad.

This is our story
Susan Hyde

A Family Tree can wither if nobody tends its roots

F   is for familiar - there's no place quite like home
  is for always welcome - where ever you might roam
M  is for the memories - more cherished every day
   is the inspiration - that's given along the way
L   is for love - you feel each time you get together
Y   is for the years to come - because family lasts forever


  1. Lovely words there sue.xsue,x

  2. I love your story and so very true. I really like your family page, spelling out the word. Just lovely

  3. Angie sent me here as I have family photos to put in an album and she wonders why I'm not making layouts. Am following you so I can pick up tips and read your wonderful stories. Already follow your other blog but happy to have another just as interesting one to add to my collection. Thanks x