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23 September, 2009

Samuel & Rachel Simons

I’ve already mentioned about the old photo albums that my dad’s cousin Denis had in his possession and how he loaned them to us so we could make some copies for ourselves.

In amongst them we were fortunate enough to find photos of three of my Great, Great Grand parents on my Mothers side of the family.

I’m not one for journaling, especially as my hand writing needs a lot to be desired but obviously any information that I find about our family needs to be recorded in some way. In this case I printed the information on my computer and made it into a little 5 page book.

Samuel & Rachel Simons

You can’t help but wonder as you look at these old photos of my maternal Great, Great Grandparents, what life must have been like for them. Sadly I know little of their lives but the history books tell us that in 1830, the year that Samuel was born, King George IV dies and he was succeeded by his brother William IV and times were hard.

Samuel was born and brought up in a little village called Tendring, in the heart of the Essex countryside and he worked as a gardener.

Rachel was born in 1832.
She was raised in Little Clacton, which is also in Essex but moved to Tendring when she married and started a family.

They had eight surviving children.

Henry (1858)

Esther (1859

Jessie (1865)
My Great Grandmother

Frederic (1866)
Stayed living in the Clacton area and run a Grocers shop in Clacton.

Charles A. (1867)

Albert (1868)
He became a police officer (A Division) in Bolton Lancashire and he married a girl from Scotland. He dies in a pub called ‘The Black Boy’ in Weeley, Little Clacton, Essex.

Polly (????)
There are no details about Polly other than she married four times.

Joseph (1873)
He worked in a brewery in East London before leaving the country to live in Jackson Heights, New York. USA. He married Emily Weise (or Wise) and it’s thought that changed their surname to Simmons. Mum’s uncle Reggie lived with him when he went to America in 1923 and later married his daughter Violet.

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  1. This is brilliant glad you have gone back to it. Love the book idea ...may have to pinch that ... if you dont mind

  2. This is lovely - I keep thinking about doing something similar, but so far, thinking is all I've done!

    I have the name Simons in my ancestry too, but they came from Devon