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03 May, 2011

You Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby!

This is the first and very precious photo that we have of my dad, William Thomas Hyde.

He’s was just six months old when the photo was taken back in 1923 and he looks so cute and cuddly in his had knitted outfit.

I should explain why the building bricks have Tom on them as opposed to William.
It was because as dad was growing up, living in the same house were three William’s so to save confusion his Grandfather was known as Bill, his father was Will and dad was Tom.

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1 comment:

  1. This is a brilliant LO ...who would have thought to use glittered paper ...and it works. So impressed by the building bricks...all in all this is an amazingtly put together LO....I LOVE it where did I put my glittered papers??? lol
    btw I love the explanation of why he was Tom ...names were often changed and caused confusion.