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27 October, 2012

Keith Denis Hyde

Keith Denis Hyde
19** -

Born with in the sound of Bow Bells, officially making him a Cockney, Keith, Denis, the first son of Irene Mary and William Thomas Hyde arrived on Sunday *th October 19** at The Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel.

Quite early on it was discovered that Keith had a problem with his feet causing him to walk on his toes which he still does today (2012) and it inevitable meant many hospital and clinic appointment which in turn had an impact on his schooling.

He attended Alderton Hall Junior & Primary school and later Lucton Boys Secondary School in Loughton, Essex but he found it difficult to keep up with the rest and fell behind but the one class he really did enjoy was woodwork.

When he left school at the age of fifteen he knew he wanted to carry on working with wood but with no qualifications it was difficult to find something. Eventually he managed to find a job in a local factory called NuTone Hammers where he stayed for five years making hammers for pianos.

His father Tom got him his next job.

Tom worked for a Dutch company called Ozalid, just across the road when where Keith was already working and they were looking for an Export Packer / Warehouse man. If he should get the job he would still be working with wood, making crates for machinery that was being sent around the world and the bonus would be some extra pounds in his pay packet at the end of the week, so he applied and got the job.

That was back in 1967 and despite the company being taken over and the location changing a few times, he was still doing the same job when he retired at the age of sixty-five.

Being newly retired, he doesn’t know at the moment what the future holds for him.

He’s a bit of a loner really and doesn’t have many hobbies or interests other than he’s a bit of a science fiction fan and a ‘Treckie’, that’s a Star Trek fan for those not in the know.

One thing he does plan to do thought is build a modal railway, parts of which were given to him when he was a small child receiving treatment for his feet. It’s hard to believe he’s had it all that time, so it will be nice for him to be able to set it up somewhere permanently.

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  1. Love the LO ...the colours are just right and I find I'm drawn in to the photograph which is how it should be I think. I hope he enjoys his retirement and has fun with the railway ...from your narrative he is a sticker so i think it wont be long before you have shots of it all to show us.
    It is hard writting about those one has never met and have little or no anicdotes about ...I find sitting with all the census etc that they are in and taking in all the facts, helps to build a picture.Must do another soon ..its how long, since I did one ????xx